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RPC-19-193 BB Cock

Dirk Van Den Bulck

AUD 750.00
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9 bids  

PRF-18-3583 BC Hen

Van Aalst - Houben

AUD 600.00
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10 bids  

SA-18-05833 BBP Hen

Heremans, Houben, Van Dyck, Goodger

AUD 250.00
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VHA-18-9398 BLKP Cock

Bart Geerinckx

AUD 200.00
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CTN-18-1929 Grizzle Cock

Silver Shadow Van Loon

AUD 300.00
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GMPF-16-13608 BB Cock

Donated by Glenn Perry. Glenn has always raced well and he won the GMPF federation aggregate points in 2018. This pigeon has been bred down from a family of federation pl...

AUD 350.00
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5 bids  

SA-14-19748 BC Cock

Greg Hamilton's Heremans, Van Dyck-Heremans

AUD 400.00
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2 bids