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Racing During Covid-19 in 2021

The GMPF will be holding it's first race since the Covid-19 lock down. The first race will be at Maryborough Saturday the 30th of October.

Details are as follows:

30/10/2021 MARYBOROUGH 165 40 FRIDAY $1.00 per bird
06/11/2021 MARYBOROUGH 165 40 FRIDAY $1.00 per bird
13/11/2021 WYCHEPROOF 300 40 FRIDAY $1.00 per bird
20/11/2021 WYCHEPROOF 300 40 FRIDAY $1.00 per bird
27/11/2021 MITTYACK 400 40 FRIDAY $1.00 per bird
04/12/2021 MITTYACK 400 40 FRIDAY $1.00 per bird
11/12/2021 MILDURA 500 30 THURSDAY $1.00 per bird
18/12/2020 MILDURA 500 30 THURSDAY $1.00 per bird

Basketing Centres

Morning Mist 6pm to 7.00pm. (Morning Mist, Peninsula and Rosebud Club to deliver based on numbers)
Dandenong Club 5.30pm to 7.00pm. (Dandenong, Springvale)
* Pakenham to deliver to Dandenong (based on Numbers)
* Croydon to be picked up (based on Numbers)

As stated in GMPF rules one flyer per address. If you are a member of both federations this rule still applies.

Covid-19 Safety Regulations

Please be aware that current restrictions still apply, and also mean that only double vaccinated members can attend these facilities/locations.

There will be an appointed COVID safe officer at each location, and members are asked to comply with their directions. You may also be asked to stay within your vehicle until required. We ask that members do not congregate, and deal with this process on a one to one basis. 


To all participating fanciers please note.

All birds rung 2019 and 2020 that are eligible to compete in the Croydon
Classic race from Mildura.

Basketing of eligible birds will be held at the Croydon Homing Pigeon Club rooms
Hughes Park reserve, Croydon south on .

Thursday 2rd December 2021 starting at 6-30pm.
Refreshments and BBQ will be supplied by the Club.

Release of the birds will be from Mildura on the Sunday 5th December 2021 weather conditions permitting otherwise birds will be held over and released when appropriate. 

Lost Pigeons

Contact: Marg Blackney
Phone : 0436 131 648

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